Mistigri Game Guide


Mistigri is a fun, challenging, addictive, and brilliantly designed platformer for the PICO-8 fantasy console. If you are a fan of Bubble Bobble, you will love Mistigri.

Where can I play Mistigri?


1. You can play Mistgri for free in your web browser (HTML5) here.
2. You can purchase the PICO-8 virtual console and download the virtual cart (purchasing PICO-8 allows you to edit games and create your own).

How to Play

1. Shoot an enemy enough times to stun them
2. Pick up the stunned enemy by walking into them
3. Throw the enemy (at other enemies, the wall, or just in the air)
4. Collect the fruit the enemies leave behind for points
5. When all the enemies have been killed, you continue to the next stage



Left: left arrow key
Right: right arrow key
Jump: z
Shoot: x


If you purchased the PICO-8 fantasy console, you should be able to just plug any modern joystick in and start using it. There are only two buttons: jump and shoot.

Bonus Items

Mistigri-Items-001You will hear a sound when a bonus item appears. They are:

  • Storm Rod: Kill all enemies on the screen
  • Earrings: A green shield circles around the player killing enemies
  • Match: Leave a trail of fire that kills enemies
  • Gong: Stun all enemies
  • Bomb: Set off an explosion that sends fire balls flying around the level killing enemies
  • Magic Bell: Make fruit falls from sky
  • Doomcollar: Become invincible for a short period of time.
  • Cornucopia:  A bonus fruit will appear at the beginning of every level



  • When trying to spell “Extend” or “Mystic” by picking up the letters, you can change the letter by shooting it.
  • Pick up potions whenever you can to improve your weapon. Did you know that you can speed up your gun by 50%? Or that you can make the bullets last longer?
  • Throw Enemies into the wall for bonus points.
  • Not enough time to finish the level? Not enough lives? If you purchased the PICO-8 fantasy console, you can increase you number of lives and make many other gameplay changes.






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